3 Steps to DIY Your Personalized Bracelet

By 艺荣 叶 on Mar 27, 2022

Step 1: Choose your favorite bracelet style of the right size: Bangles, Snake Chain Bracelets, Leather Bracelets and Mesh Bracelets.

Tips: To determine the right bracelet size, you can wrap your wrist with a paper strip, and then straighten the paper strip and measure it with a ruler. Suggests correct bracelet size = Your wrist size + 1 cm/1.5 cm.

Charm Bracelet
Charm bracelets became popular in the early 20th century. These were excellent keepsakes and could be attached to a chain. Over time, the concept of charm bracelets captured the imagination of jewelry lovers, becoming an ideal way to keep mementos and symbolic items close at hand. Today, there are so many types of charms available representing various topics, hobbies and themes. Charm bracelets are versatile, allowing you to take on and put on charms as you wish, depending on your mood and preferences. They make excellent gifts and are a nice way to show your personality.

A bangle is typically a rigid bracelet that has no clasp or opening, but we have improved our bangles styles and therefore it can be easily opened by a beautiful clasp. Bangles are usually made of gold or silver, and can come in simple or engraved designs. This style has a circular shape and is inflexible, which give you an elegant, delicate look. 

It’s almost impossible not to think of the bangle bracelet when creating a bracelet stack. They can come in all shapes and sizes. One delicate bangle that you can stack with others, one wide bold bangle, or a bracelet can be worn together to achieve a unique look. Bangles can be silver or gold, contain all types of jewels, and can be as standard or as fancy as you like. When it comes to bangle bracelets, you can find almost anything you’re looking for, and their uniqueness makes them that much more attractive!

Snake Chain Bracelets
The Snake Chain Bracelet is a light weight flat chain, great to layer with other chains to create an elevated look or wear on its own for simple elegance. Hand-finished in sterling silver, this snake chain bracelet features thin snake chains and a ball-shaped clasp. Load up this sterling silver bracelet with your favorite charms, which can be styled the same way as on a regular bracelet. This bracelet will serve as your go-to piece that finishes off any look in style.

Leather Bracelets
If you’re not a fan of metal jewelry, leather is a perfect choice. Because the leather used in making bracelets is soft and flexible, you can leave on for long periods of time without it irritating your skin. Leather bracelets are stylish and fashionable, and they can be worn by both men and women, making them extremely popular with millions of jewelry-wearers. 
Leather bracelets never go out of style because they provide a classic and elegant look, but if you want them to be a little more masculine, simply purchase one that is darker in color and thicker in design. Leather can also be dyed in various colors, so whether you want a bracelet that is brown, black, beige, or even dark-red, choosing a leather bracelet will accommodate your needs.

Mesh Bracelets
Everyday elegant and luxuriously durable, made with stainless steel. Let your charms slide, or use the included stopper bands to keep your charms tightly together. Add additional length with bracelet extenders. There is nothing more classic and timeless than Mesh bracelets. Mesh bracelets are smooth against the skin and they don’t “catch,”, making them fantastic, long-lasting additions to any jewellery collection. 
The chains are made with premium clasps for durability in any situation. When wearing Mesh bracelets, you never have to worry about getting caught on a door frame or on your office desk again! These stunning pieces blend both style and wearability making them staple when accessorizing. Sitting flat on the wrist, Mesh bracelets with their woven intricate pattern are without doubt an outstanding portrayal of sophistication when worn with formal wear. 


Chain Bracelets
Chain link bracelets offer a chic yet ageless look that can be worn with a ballgown or your favorite graphic tee. Chain bracelets are typically made of metal loops linked together to create a chain. Depending on the size and type of chain you choose, you can express a variety of styles with your chain bracelet. These bracelets have clasps that make it easy to put on and take off. You can also attach things to them and convert them into charm bracelets. Chain bracelets are stylish and tend to suit most occasions.  
Available in a range of metal types and chain link sizes and shapes, these elegantly simple bracelets provide a polished look to any outfit. They can be plain and elegant or come with a variety of items such as gems and even small charms, so they can be worn to formal dances or to the shopping mall.
When made out of gold or silver chains, they will match anything you’re wearing, and since they often come in numerous sizes, you can always find the one that fits your wrist perfectly.


Slider Bracelets
Slider bracelets, or bolo bracelets, are defined by the ‘slider’ along the chain of the bracelet that allows a perfect fit for any wrist. Arguably one of the easiest and most comfortable bracelet types to wear, the slider bracelet comes in a wide collection of styles. Slider bracelets work by sliding the ‘slider’ along the chain until you get to a comfortable fit for your bracelet. It’s that simple. This makes slider bracelets comfortable and easy to wear. Slider bracelets can come in a variety of designs and styles, from dressed up and chic to casual and boho. It’s all in the materials and design.


Step 2: Pick the charms you love: Clips, Dangle Charms, Reflexions Charm, Spacer Charms and Safety Chain.

Tips: You need to increase the size of the bracelet appropriately according to the number of charms you want to add.


Step 3: Just DIY! Personalize your special bracelet styling with charms.


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